Semiclassical description of electron-electron correlations in the strong-field regime: Article in Laser Physics Letters

What are the properties of electrons emitted by ultrashort laser pulses from a metal tip? We are intensively researching this question at the Chair for Laser Physics. The question becomes more complicated when not just one, but several electrons are emitted within the same pulse. Last year, an article was published in Nature Physics in which we investigated the strong interaction and the resulting anti-correlation of two electrons emitted almost simultaneously. If the exciting laser pulse is also strong enough to drive the trajectories of the electrons after their emission, the dynamics become even more complex. In a recent article, published here at Laser Physics Letters, we have addressed this question. We modelled the entire dynamics with a semiclassical simulation and then compared it with the experiment, which showed good agreement. We were thus able to show that even during these complex interactions the electrons can largely be described as point particles. This allows us a simple way to investigate and modify the anticorrelation signal and its parameter dependencies by means of simulations. The article in Laser Physics Letters is based on a plenary talk at the Laser Physics Workshop 2023 (LPHYS23).