Chair for Laser Physics

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At the moment we work in three main branches of research that combine the topics of laser physics, quantum, electron, and nano optics, strong-field and attosecond physics, plasmonics and solid state research. We investigate the wave and particle properties of electrons in ultrafast processes in and at nano objects; we develop new particle traps to create quantum optical systems in order to build a quantum electron microscope; we use laser pulses at photonic nanostructures to look into novel concepts for particle acceleration.

The main part of our laboratory is centered around light-matter interaction on fastest time scales, namely the femtosecond and attosecond time scale  (1 fs = 1 millionth of a billionth of a second, 1 as = 1 billionth of a billionth of a second). This allows us, to put it a bit more abstractly, to work towards understanding und utilizing photon-electron coupling in various systems. A part of this is based on highly advanced methods to control electrons, often with light fields, which requires building new laser sources and amplifiers.

With the help of a delay-line detector and microstructured electrode layouts, a resonator for electrons is realized for the first time in which up to 7 orbits could be detected. In addition to a beam splitter and a beam guide, such an electron-optical element is essential for enabling efficient inte...

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Particle accelerators are indispensable for research, medicine and industry. We have developed a miniature particle accelerator that accelerates and guides electrons through nanostructures using laser light. In an interview in Welt der Physik (German), Prof. Dr. Hommelhoff and Stefanie Kraus repo...

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