ACHIP conference in Erlangen

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From September 27 to 30, the twice-annual conference of the ACHIP (Accelerator on a Chip International Program) collaboration took place in Erlangen, Germany. After 1.5 years, the conference could finally be held in a hybrid format again, so that at least a large part of our colleagues from different universities (Stanford, UCLA, TU Darmstadt, the Paul Scherrer Institute, DESY, SLAC and FAU) could attend in person.

On the first day, seven prominent scientists were invited for the Applications Meeting to discuss possible applications for dielectric laser acceleration for future projects in the fields of ultrafast electron microscopy, ultrafast electron diffraction and radiobiology or radiotherapy. Furthermore, a special workshop on the efficient coupling of lasers in silicon structures was held to gain new impulses for the future integration of an accelerator on a chip. The intensive discussions between the collaboration members were also continued during a joint dinner at Rabenstein Castle in Franconian Switzerland.