Professor Ley “outstanding referee”

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Prof. Dr. Lothar Ley, who held this chair until not too many years ago, has been named an “outstanding referee” by the American Physical Society APS – a distinction that highlights his particularly great and helpful commitment in the review process of the journals published by APS. Amongst these are renowed journals such as Physical Review Letters and Physical Review. Professor Ley is the first FAU professor to receive this award.

The scientific review of manuscripts represents the quality assurance of science and is therefore of great importance for the honesty and clarity of journal articles and thus of science as a whole. Since this reviewing is anonymous – the reviewers are only known to the journal editors – the reviewers often remain completely invisible. Nor do they receive any compensation for their work. This award therefore honours the best APS reviewers in order to acknowledge their work. Click here for the list of outstanding referees.

Congratulations to Professor Ley!