Röntgen Prize to Roy Shiloh

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This year’s Röntgen Prize of the University of Giessen went to our former postdoc and current professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Roy Shiloh. He received the 15,000 euro prize for his outstanding contributions to the realization of a photonic particle accelerator. As it was mentioned in the award ceremony, Wilhelm Röntgen needed fast electrons to produce the famous X-rays – and Roy Shiloh and team here in Erlangen have demonstrated a new method to accelerate electrons, and thus perhaps the basis for new types of radiation sources. Congratulations!

Here is a link to the award ceremony during the academic year celebration of the University of Giessen; the award ceremony starts after about XXX minutes. The concise prizewinner lecture that follows is worth watching! Here is a link to the website of the University of Giessen.

Photo: JLU / Katrina Friese