In memoriam: Professor Mark Stockman

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Our long-time partner and frequent and especially welcome guest in Erlangen Mark Stockman PhD DSc, Regents Professor of Physics and Director of the Center for Nano Optics at Georgia State University, died on November 11th at the age of 73 years. Professor Stockman left his mark on entire fields of physics, including nanoplasmonics and strong field physics in solids. He was a brilliant theoretical physicist who possessed the outstanding gift of being able to communicate his deep insights with particular clarity, but who above all always knew what was experimentally possible. Discussions with him were not only highly interesting and enlightening from a technical point of view, but he was a wonderful and highly entertaining colleague with whom we spent many pleasant evenings in one or the other restaurant or at home. His death represents a great loss for physics, above all we have lost a good friend. The last time he spent a week with us in Erlangen was in January. The last photo shows him (on the left) as we know him: in lively discussion at our chair.