Attosecond-fast internal photoemission – accepted in Nature Photonics

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Recently, extremely fast charge dynamics have been revealed in photoemission from atoms or metals to vacuum, and inside of individual molecules, with charge transfer times in the 100-attosecond time range. In contrast, in purely solid state-based interfaces, the fastest charge transfer time reported so far is almost two orders of magnitudes slower. Our work shows that a surprisingly simple and well-known 2D–3D material interface – graphene on silicon carbide – enables attosecond charge transfer timescales over a solid-solid interface. We thus extend the concepts of ultrafast photoemission from a metal to vacuum to a solid state interface. Our manuscript hence represents a major step in the fast growing interdisciplinary field of ultrafast physics and optoelectronics by demonstrating attosecond charge transfer over a highly relevant solid-solid interface, a Schottky junction.