Ohm prize laureates 2017

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Our former bachelor students Paul Beck and Timo Eckstein, as well as our former master student Philip Dienstbier, were awarded with the Ohm prize at this year’s graduation ceremony. This award is dedicated to the “support of young researchers in the field of physics at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg”.

Time Eckstein has designed and successfully tested a spectrometer for electrons in his thesis with the title “Design, simulation and survey of a magnetic spectrometer for the upgraded dielectric laser accelerator experiment”. The spectrometer was then used to verify the inelastic scattering of electrons at a high-intensity optical travelling wave. Paul Beck proved in his thesis “Acceleration of electrons with evanescent waves at a flat surface” that it is possible to accelerate electrons at dielectric surfaces even without the use of nano-structuring. Philip Dienstbier presented a setup for optical pulse compression that was tested with pulses form a Ti:sapphire oscillator and should be able to create pulses as short as a single optical cycle at the carrier frequency. The exact title of his thesis is “Design and testing of a setup for sub two-cycle optical pulse compression from Ti:sapphire oscillators”.

Congratulations to all the laureates!