Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy



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  • WF Ph-MA from SEM 1
  • WF PhM-MA from SEM 1
  • WF Ph-BA from SEM 5
  • WF PhM-BA from SEM 5

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Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy




Ultrashort laser pulses, linear and nonlinear propagation.
Dispersion compensation, pulse shaping, ultrashort pulse characterization.
Ultrafast lasers, principles of femtosecond pulse generation, mode-locking.
Introduction to ultrafast phenomena in semiconductors.
Emission spectroscopy methods - photoluminescence: streak camera, ultrafast gating techniques (Kerr gate, frequency upconversion, applications)
Pump and probe techniques, (transient transmissivity/reflectivity, polarization rotation).
Introduction to coherent phenomena. Coherent time-resolved spectroscopy (photon echo, 2D coherent spectroscopy).
Other four-wave mixing techniques - Laser-induced transient grating, time-resolved coherent Raman scattering
Femtosecond frequency combs, precise frequency spectroscopy, carrier-envelope phase stabilization of few-cycle pulses.
Attosecond pulse generation and applications.


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