QuCoLiMa Talk - Sabrina Patsch - Control of Rydberg atoms for quantum technologies

Dec 07
7. December 2021 12:00 - 13:00


Sabrina Patsch – FU Berlin


Control of Rydberg atoms for quantum technologies


Rydberg atoms are the ???giants??? in the world of atomic physics. Their highly excited valence electron gives them remarkable properties, such as a long lifetime and extremely large dipole moments rendering them ideal for usage in many-body or composite systems. For instance, Rydberg atoms interact strongly with light, polar objects, or each other. Their great sensitivity to external ???elds renders them ideal tools for the study of quantum e???ects and quantum technology applications. We explore di???erent applications of Rydberg atoms for quantum technologies from a quantum control perspective with a special focus on quantum measurements.

To this end, we consider single Rydberg atoms and their interaction with electromagnetic ???elds, either classical or quantum, and with polar molecules. More precisely, we demonstrate fast and accurate state preparation of Rydberg atoms with shaped radio-frequency pulses derived from optimal control theory [1, 2]. Moreover, we discuss how to use a Rydberg atom inside a cavity as a quantum simulator for open quantum systems [3]. Lastly, we study the multipolar character of F??orster resonance energy transfer (FRET) between Rydberg atoms and polar molecules.

[1] S. Patsch, D. M. Reich, J.-M. Raimond, M. Brune, S. Gleyzes, and C. P. Koch, Fast and accurate circularization of a Rydberg atom, Physical Review A 97, 053418 (2018)
[2] A. Larrouy, S. Patsch, R. Richaud, J.-M. Raimond, M. Brune, C. P. Koch, and S. Gleyzes, Fast Navigation in a Large Hilbert Space Using Quantum Optimal Control, Physical Review X 10, 021058 (2020)
[3] S. Patsch, S. Maniscalco, and C. P. Koch, Quantum simulation of non-Markovianity using the quantum Zeno e ??? ect, Physical Review Research 2, 023133 (2020)

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